Saturday, October 29, 2016

We Have a Contender

You say Brian Wood's emo-Conan sent you packing? That manga-style Conan art gave you hives? Is that what's bothering you bunky? Well come on back to Darkhorse Comics because CONAN THE SLAYER is good for what ails you.
Seriously, Cullen Bunn gets the character as few writers have. Perhaps because Cullen writes horror (Harrow County. Also from Darkhorse) and sword & sorcery is always always always best when it has horror at its core. SLAYER has monsters, demons, and dark sorcery.
Plus, as I said, Bunn gets Conan. There's a scene in the newest issue, number 4, where Conan walks right into the middle of a camp full of armed foes and shows them how the world works. This is how I want to see Conan. Confidant. Reckless. Maybe a little crazy. Because, hello? Barbarian.
For me the people who have done well writing Conan comics is a pretty short list. Roy Thomas. Chuck Dixon. Kurt Busiek. Timothy Truman. Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a contender.
The artwork is great too. Sergio Davila would have been right at home in the pages of SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN. His Cimmerian has the right frame without being body-builder ridiculous. His Conan stalks red-handed through the pages, doling out the harshness.
You guys know I don't recommend Conan lightly. Give CONAN THE SLAYER a shot. And Crom count the dead.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Henry Who?

Just watched the first episode of Supergirl guest starring Superman. Loved it. That's Superman, kids. Just as much heart as his cousin. Wisely the writers didn't allow him to overshadow Supergirl. It's still clearly her show, but he's an excellent visitor. And strange. And from another plant.